Best Hand Truck Brands Made in the USA

Hand Trucks made in the USA are not hard to find.  There are many large and small manufactures that crank out some really well made hand trucks.  Some of the largest are Milwaukee Hand Trucks (not to be confused with the tool company) , B&P out of Cadillac Michigan, and Harper out of Wichita Kansas.   There are of course many more but I will keep the focus on these three for the purpose of this article.  The competition has been pretty fierce for many years between the major hand truck mfg’s.

Harper hand trucks is a major player in the hand truck industry focusing on mostly steel hand trucks.  The catalog ranges from small folding carts to monster appliance hand trucks.  They cover all the bases which also allows them reach a larger consumer slice of the pie.  You can find Harper hand truck in large box stores across the nation but with a limited selection.  Most consumers looking for a hand truck for home use are going to need a huge hand truck or want to spend a lot of money for one just for a once in a while use.  The quality of Harper Hand Trucks is very good.  Nice welds and components are used to construct all of their hand trucks.

Milwaukee hand trucks have been around for a long time.  Many get them confused with the Milwaukee power tool company but the are not the same.  Milwaukee hand trucks are very similar to Harper and they often copy one another.  Again like Harper you can find Milwaukee hand truck sold across the country in stores but again with a limited selection.  The craftsmanship of a Milwaukee hand truck is great.  Their welds and materials used are usually high quality.  Hand Trucks in box stores like (Lowes, Home Depot, Sams, BJ’s, Costco) are often not the best hand trucks put out by these manufacturers.    In order to keep cost down they use cheaper parts and materials you might find from a Chinese import.  This is where these manufactures start to fail.

B&P Liberator Hand Trucks.  This is the Cadillac of aluminum hand truck on the market today.  B&P is by far the absolute best at what they do when it comes to quality of construction and materials used.  They are innovators in the hand truck industry and have the attention of thousands of companies needing and wanting their products.  Hand Trucks R Us has been selling B&P hand trucks for nearly 15 years.  You will not find their hand truck in your box stores.  You can find them at small local material handling stores across the US and online at Hand Trucks R Us.


Hand Truck Wheels

Hand Truck wheels haven’t changed a lot over the past 15 years.  Most are imported from overseas mostly from China and Taiwan.  This has been a huge problem for the consumers for years.  There have been many recalls and serious injuries as a result. Pneumatic (air) tires have been notorious for not staying inflated, being wobbly, or the bearings just fail rendering the hand tuck useless.  Not all pneumatic hand truck tires are the same.  There are two main types of construction for pneumatic wheels.  You have 2-ply and 4-ply construction, 2-ply not being as strong as the 4-ply.  It’s just like buying a cheap pair of tires for your car compared to a more expensive higher quality tire.   Most hand truck manufactures put 2-ply tires on their hand trucks for cost savings leaving the consumer with a “cheap” tire on a nice hand truck.  4-ply tires are more expensive but usually last a very long time.  It is worth the money spent to ensure that next time you need to use your hand truck for a move that it will perform and not fail on you when you need it most.

Solid wheels are great!  No worries about losing air, blow outs, or wobbling.  Solid wheels will usually hold up the lifetime of a hand truck.  With one exception being the bearings that can fall out, pop out, or simply break under heavy use.  Most bearings can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of an entire new wheel.  But they may not always be available.  Another solid wheel for hand trucks is the foam wheel.  Foam wheels are puncture proof and have the same characteristic as a pneumatic wheel.  They have been gaining in popularity for several years because they are maintenance free which means no worries when you go to use your hand truck.  You will pay more for foam tires but it is worth the small investment.

Very few consumers read the side walls of a hand truck wheel to see what PLY wheel the are getting.  They trust that the hand truck looks good and can hold 800 lbs then the wheels must be great as well.  Always, “kick the tires” before purchasing a hand truck.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks – Hand Trucks

Source: Heavy Duty Hand Trucks – Hand Trucks

If you want or need a Heavy Duty Hand Truck has just what you’re looking for.  We carry the manufactures that make the strongest and most reliable hand trucks on the market today.  Whether you are needing a capacity of 800 lbs. or 1600 lbs. we have the hand truck to get the job done.  Most heavy duty hand trucks are constructed of a heavy gauge steel frame and high capacity wheels.  If you need assistance in picking which heavy duty hand truck is right for your application we have the staff that can help.  call 866-508-4877

Bounce House Hand Trucks – Hand Trucks

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Hand Trucks R Us has a large selection of Bounce House Hand Trucks to suit every need.  We hand selected the most versatile hand trucks that will last and stay strong when moving large bounce houses over rough terrain and through yards.  Most are made in the USA which means high quality which is a must when running a business and needing to get the job done without breakdowns.  If you have any questions on which hand truck will meet your business needs has specialist that can answer your questions and supply you with the knowledge to make the best decision for your application.

Hand Trucks R Us – BP Disc Brake Hand Truck

Source: Hand Trucks R Us – BP Disc Brake Hand Truck

B&P Liberator Dual Disc Hand Trucks are made of aircraft grade aluminum and made with high end components.  Each part of this hand truck is replaceable if damage were to occur.  With B&P’s new dual disc design you can stop on a dime with ease.  Don’t let those heavy loads get away from you.  Best for going on ramps and traversing stairs.  For safety and confidence when moving loads get your B&P Liberator Dual Disc Hand Truck from Hand Trucks R

Hand Trucks R

Hand Trucks R Us is committed to providing our customers with the best selection of hand trucks and other material handling equipment backed with great pricing.  For more than 14 years Hand Trucks R Us has provided excellent service and a product line like no other.  We carry all the top of the line hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks and dollies the industry offers.  We have the expertise the help guide you to the proper hand truck for your application.