Best Hand Truck and Dolly

The best hand truck and dolly for you really depends on your application for use. There are literally thousands to choose from. The best way to help you navigate through all the options is to contact a hand truck sales team professional. Too often hand truck and dolly purchases are made without knowing the different options available to them. I will share with you the most common questions and concerns we receive when customers contact us to help them decide which hand truck or dolly is best for them.

  1. Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is a very important part on narrowing down which hand truck will work for you. When moving appliances, typically you will need a hand truck or dolly rated with a 500 lbs. capacity or greater. The same is true for moving most furniture. For general household tasks like moving plants, garbage cans, or groceries hand trucks with at least a 100 lb. capacity will work fine.
  2. Material: Steel, aluminum, wood, and composite material are the standard. Steel hand trucks and dollies are the strongest. Most of the time they are all welded without the use of bolt fasteners making for a rigid and strong hand truck. The downside is that steel is the heaviest material making it difficult to lift in and out of vehicles. Aluminum is very strong and lighter than steel. Most aluminum hand trucks are bolted together. Over time after heavy use the bolts make loosen and need to be tightened. Many aluminum hand trucks have replacement parts available like the handle, frame and toe plate. Another advantage aluminum has is that it will not rust. Wood dollies are very common in the moving industry. They are lightweight but over time and heavy use they can start to break down which may require the rubber or carpeted ends to be replaced. Composite hand trucks are lightweight and usually have high weight capacities which makes them ideal for those wanting to travel with the hand truck. Composite material also resist corrosion.
  3. Tires: The most common tires available to customers are pneumatic (air), solid and foam. Air tires provide a smooth ride over rough or uneven terrain. This is great for use with landscape hand trucks and applications that require outdoor use of your hand truck or dolly. Solid tires are a non maintenance option. They will never go flat and offer a smooth ride over flat surfaces. They are often heaver than their counterparts. Foam tires are another maintenance free option. The have the same characteristics as an air tires without the worry of going flat. They do tend to be more expensive but should last longer than an air tire.
  4. Cost: You don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot when it comes to hand trucks and dollies. However, if you are a professional and use a hand truck for everyday tasks it is best to make sure you buy hand trucks manufactured in the USA. The quality is far greater then those that are imported from overseas. With that said, those higher quality hand trucks come with higher price tags and are well worth the money spent. If you are on a budget you still have many good options in all categories.

So as you can see there isn’t just one hand truck fits all. Finding the right fit for your moving needs can take some time. From moving groceries from your car to your home or moving a washer and dryer a great place to start is Hand Trucks R Us.

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